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Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence


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Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by Candlelight on 24th April 2017, 16:44

(originally posted on 24 Mar 2016 06:50 pm)

'Law Lord's séance speech was turning point for Aubrey Rose'

The voice of Lord Birkett was unmistakable. Lawyer Aubrey Rose had heard it many times in court and at the public lectures given by Wiliam Norman Birkett, 1st Baron Birkett, who was one of Britain's leading judges.

Though the distinctive clarity of his voice was instantly recognisable on the tape recording Rose was listening to, the sentiments being expressed were not. Here was the brilliant advocate, who became known as "the hanging judge", announcing to the world that he no longer believed in the death penalty.

So what had made him change his mind?


From his new vantage point in the spirit world, following his passing in 1962, Lord Birkett now saw crime and punishment from a different perspective and was eager to share his anti-capital punishment thoughts during a séance with direct voice medium Leslie Flint in London.

Fortunately, the communication was recorded and, by chance, lawyer Aubrey Rose heard it being played during a visit to a friend.

Until that moment, Rose had no interest in mediumship or Spiritualism. In fact, he was highly sceptical. But he was so fascinated by the recording - played to him by the uncle of the friend with whom he was staying - that he decided to make his own investigation. If it really was Lord Birkett communicating from the afterlife then it held out the hope that Rose might be able to contact the spirit of his 21-year-old son, David, who had died just a month earlier from inoperable cancer.

It was 1978 and Flint was still giving séances to small groups of sitters at his Bayswater, west London, home. Rose, in contrast, was a very busy lawyer and human rights activist, often called on to advise Governments and Prime Ministers.

He made a booking and very shortly afterwards found himself in a darkened room with eight or 10 others, listening to male and female voices speaking independently of the medium, identifying themselves and referring to their relationships with the sitters. And one of those who spoke was his son. "I am David. I am well. I am all right", he assured his father.

Rose hurried home to tell his wife, Sheila, that he had spoken with their son. She refused to believe it. There had to be some other explanation. She asked all the usual questions: Why did Flint sit in darkness? What prior knowledge did he have of the sitters?

But she agreed to accompany her husband to his next séance with Flint, and there her doubts slowly began to vanish as David Rose again communicated briefly, mentioning that he had met some family members about whom his parents had not talked to him.

The couple shared their experience with Sheila's mother; a strong character known to all as Grandma, and occasionally as "the Duchess" because of her imperious demeanour. She shook her head in disbelief. Like Sheila, she also insisted there had to be another explanation, but she also agreed to join them when they next sat with Leslie Flint, presumably to expose him as a fraud.

On that occasion, neither Sheila's father, who had died a year earlier, nor David communicated. There was no guarantee that loved ones would be able to speak at each séance. But "the Duchess" heard enough of other communicators' evidence, and had long conversations with other sitters and the medium, all of which satisfied her that what she had experienced was totally genuine.

"Determined character that she was, Sheila's mother engaged in a lengthy conversation with Leslie. Both were strong, extrovert characters, who said things as they were, never beating about the bush, and as a result the two of them became firm friends," Aubrey Rose tells us in his "spiritual autobiography", Beyond The Rainbow (Lennard Publishing, 2015), which will be enjoying a London book launch this month. From 1978, the three of them attended Flint séances, "month after month, year after year" and enjoyed his friendship, which lasted until the medium's final days in Hove, on the south coast, in 1992.

< ...............................

Interested in finding out more? The full article is published in Psychic News, Issue No. 4137 - March 2016.

Beyond The Rainbow: the spiritual autobiography of Aubrey Rose is available at Amazon.


DON'T MISS "The remarkable mediumship of Leslie Flint" in the April issue of Psychic News.
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Just can't stay away

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Re: Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by Curious on 24th April 2017, 16:48

This is how most of us come to be believers, by witnessing first hand.

I hadn't heard of Lord Birkett or Aubrey Rose, but found this story interesting.

I'm going to buy and read Beyond the Rainbow.

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Re: Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by Candlelight on 24th April 2017, 16:49

Curious wrote:I hadn't heard of Lord Birkett or Aubrey Rose

Aubrey Rose wrote the foreword to the new edition of Leslie Flint's autobiography, 'Voices in the Dark: My Life as a Medium'

Leslie Flint came into this world in 1911 and left it in 1994. While here, he became the finely tuned instrument transmitting countless thousands of messages from the world he now inhabits.

No intellectual, but a plain speaking man, Leslie was born into poverty and raised amid family disarray. Yet, through dogged determination and single mindedness, he became one of the most celebrated independent direct voice mediums of the twentieth century. Through his remarkable gifts, he brought consolation and hope to the bereaved and understanding and inspiration to the many as well as shedding light on many strange corners of history.

Fortunately, today the public is, in parts, more open and receptive to the reality of the spirit world and more understanding of the crucial link between this world and the next in the endless chain of human life.

With the advent of Mickey, his much loved Cockney alter ego in the world beyond, there began decades of service as a voice medium. Leslie gave sittings to those of every rank and degree, every profession, enabling the bereaved to learn of the great truth of human survival beyond physical death. Leslie's mediumship was also a channel for famous men and women whose spirit communications were on an elevated and inspiring plane, often throwing fascinating new light on the accepted annals of history.

Sceptics attended sittings, and they left convinced.

Others tested Leslie's genuineness in every way. Truly, he could comment, "I am the most tested medium this country has ever produced." People traveled from all over the world to sit with him. Leslie also demonstrated abroad, particularly in the United States, where he was in great demand.

The final chapter in his life came with his retirement to Brighton, where he enjoyed years of peace and happiness before he passed on, at the age of eighty-three.

Leslie acknowledged he "had no education to speak of," yet words of the highest wisdom and most profound knowledge, often in a variety of languages, emerged at sittings. He was an upright, simple man, with little financial ambition or perception, but whose service to mankind was of inestimable worth. I have read many letters written to him from all over the world, expressing not only gratitude and friendship, but also love and affection.

In the sixteen years I knew him, from 1978 until his death, as a friend and professional adviser, I was struck by his simplicity of soul, his sheer innocence of material matters, and his honesty and integrity in his chosen career.

As much of the world sinks into a morass of materialism, commercialism and tribalism, it is now more important than ever that mankind learns to appreciate the spirit world's reality, of survival of the soul, of the vital importance of good deeds and good thoughts to prepare the way ahead, and that, whatever our colour or creed, we are all spiritual beings expressed in physical terms.

Leslie Flint displayed a rare dedication to his calling as a significant avenue linking two worlds. We salute him as one of the outstanding mediums and dedicated servants of this disappearing twentieth century.

By Aubrey Rose, CBE

According to the Leslie Flint Education Trust, ''Voices in the Dark - My Life as a Medium' will be available as an E-book in 2016.

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Re: Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by mac on 24th April 2017, 16:51

@Curious wrote:This is how most of us come to be believers, by witnessing first hand.

Others, though, want to be convinced about survival but find that third-party evidence just isn't sufficient for them.  Even though I can understand and accept their position I haven't had any personal evidence either.  Yet I find well-researched, well-documented, well-presented third party evidence totally acceptable.  Different strokes for different folks....

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Re: Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by Candlelight on 24th April 2017, 16:53

@Curious wrote:This is how most of us come to be believers, by witnessing first hand.
Sometimes even that is not good enough for the witnesser though.  I remember the first time my deceased mother visited me (she had been dead for 20 years), I knew with absolute clarity and certainty what I had experienced - but no-one else was present at that time, no-one else who could absolutely confirm what I had experienced.  I also wanted to know the reason for that visit (athough I already accepted it in some way as the answer to the tormented questions that I had cried out loud before going to sleep that night (to who? or what? I was asking these questions... I wasn't sure) - i.e. "What's it all about?  Why are we here? What's the point of it all; the suffering... the losses... the constant heartache?")
Yes, this experience had confirmed [to me] something that I aready 'knew' but until then still had uncertainties about - that our loved ones still exist in some form, but I still needed more.  When I went to the medium for the one-to-one reading two days later, it was with the specific intention of having that medium confirm to me that I had seen my deceased mother - without telling them anything about myself, I wanted them to tell me - and also to find out the reason for her visit.  I got both - and a whole lot more.  Before I had even sat down for this reading (which I was having recorded), the very first thing the medium said (a complete stranger to me at the time) was "Your mother is in spirit and she's been there a long time.  I know this because she walked in the door with you, talking ten to the dozen, and she is so excited that you have come here.  She has not stopped talking since you walked in the door. (The medium told me he could not see spirit, but he could hear them).  It was later on in the reading that he said that she is now telling me that you have seen her very recently and that you will see her again very soon and on that visit she will raise her right hand like so (he made a gesture wiggling the 3 middle fingers of his hand) so that you know for absolute certainty that it is indeed her keeping that promise).  This happened 10 days later and it was exactly as he had said - but with oh so very much more.  On that occasion I received a hug from her and that hug experience was like nothing I had ever experienced before.  It literally went through every sinew of my being.  I still remember that feeling to this day.

@mac wrote:Others, though, want to be convinced about survival but find that third-party evidence just isn't sufficient for them.  Even though I can understand and accept their position I haven't had any personal evidence either.  Yet I find well-researched, well-documented, well-presented third party evidence totally acceptable.  Different strokes for different folks....
We do have to take into account though, that even "well-researched, well-documented, well-presented third-party evidence" can also be biased and cherry-picked to suit the agenda of the "third party".  This works with both "sides" of the coin (i.e. 'believers' and 'skeptics'). This is why it's so important to thoroughly investigate and research these subjects from all sides and from every angle.  Of course this is something that a true sceptic will/should do as a matter of course.  Sadly, there are far too many individuals (and groups) who consider themselves to be true skeptics, when in fact pseudoskeptic would be the more appropriate term to attribute in their case.
We need to have all the pieces of the jigsaw to be able to create the complete picture.  Some people simply can't be bothered to look for the missing pieces and just fill in the picture with their own hastily made-up pieces.
Just can't stay away
Just can't stay away

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Re: Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by Curious on 24th April 2017, 16:54

k.k. that was an incredible experience that you had, as i stated elsewhere, my proof came through my dying mother and her conversations with my grandmother, though I haven't visited a Medium, I did get messages I believe were genuine at the Spiritualist church I went to.

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VIP Member

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Re: Lawyer opens his case book on Survival Evidence

Post by mac on 24th April 2017, 16:56

What I ought also to have included was 'well-balanced' to my list. That term would involve the third-party experiences of analytical, cautious individuals seeking the very best, most persuasive evidence before they eventually accepted what they found.

But even the most enthusiastic discarnate communicator may not have the necessary attributes to communicate effectively. And even the most willing medium may not have the attributes needed to achieve firmly-evidential trans-dimensional communication.

The whole business can be a hard circle to square; as well as keeping an open mind on possibilities that open mind should not be allowed to be filled by others' garbage.

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