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The Psychic Life of Winston Churchill ?

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The Psychic Life of Winston Churchill ?

Post by Candlelight.kk on Mon 24 Apr 2017, 16:38

(originally posted on 09 Feb 2016 05:29 pm)

Just started reading the latest edition of Psychic Pioneer (Vol. 12 No. 1 : Jan - Feb 2016)
( All volumes of the PsyPioneer Journal can be found here: )

and was surprised to read on page 2, in an article about the medium Bertha Harris, the author expresses the opinion that Winston Churchill was "not very interested in mediumship".

"There’s no doubt that through the British College of Psychic Science, Bertha met some eminent people. It is plausible to me that she could have been consulted by De Gaulle, as Maurice Leonard claimed, but Churchill had less time on his hands, was not very interested in mediumship, and his movements were closely recorded."

I was under the impression (from information gleaned through various sources) that, on the contrary, Mr Churchill had a very keen interest in mediumship. Indeed, here is one such source that seems to indicate so:


We often read how famous and infamous past leaders have consulted with mediums for advice or guidance in formulating major decisions, but how often have we read about the psychic abilities of leaders themselves?

Winston Spencer Churchill was such a man, and although during WW2 he consulted with mediums for strategic war information, you may not be aware of the fact that Churchill also possessed a psychic intuitiveness which guided him through tough and difficult times during his long life.

Read in full here

Just shows that it really is worthwhile cross-referencing and double-checking as much as possible in order to gain an accurate all-over picture on any subject.

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