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Mediumship: Past, Present, and Future

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Mediumship: Past, Present, and Future

Post by Candlelight.kk on Mon 24 Apr 2017, 16:23

07 Feb 2016 01:27 am
Join renowned psychic medium Gordon Smith as he talks to international British Medium Billy Cook about everything Mediumship. Learn about the history of mediums and where mediumship is going in the future. Gordon and Billy will be taking caller questions.

Mediumship: Past, Present, and Future!/episode/mediumship-past-present-and-future-14326

This is a radio programme that was broadcast on Hayhouse Radio on 1st February 2016.

Sorry, this is actually a bit misleading ....

I was going to listen to this radio programme and link to it here, but seems if you want to listen to any of the past broadcasts you need to have an account (become a 'Wisdom Community' member [and there is a charge for that] ). No way am I paying to listen to a radio programme! Apparently only the live programme is free to listen to as and when it is broadcast. What a pity I didn't know about this in advance a week ago. Oh well ...

Upcoming episode scheduled for 8th February 2016 at 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (GMT) is

The Power of Healing

Lynn Cleal about the power of healing and how to develop your healing gifts correctly. If you have a call to helping people and the healing arts don't miss this show. Gordon and Lynn will be taking your calls.

So, if anyone is interested and you are available between 4 and 5 pm GMT time ON THAT DAY, you can listen to it for free through this link:!/

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