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[solved] Some images issues


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solved [solved] Some images issues

Post by Candlelight.kk Fri 4 Oct 2019 - 14:36

alienpop  Following the Forumotion maintenance this morning (carried out on all Forumotion-hosted forums), I have noticed that some of the images on our forum have gone walkies (e.g. the image for 'new posts' and certain others.
I notice that currently, so far, one other admin has mentioned this same problem on the Support Forum, so I am not going to muck about with replacing any images for now, and just going to wait and see if Forumotion fix this problem across all the boards from their end, as it's not just a localised problem speific to this forum, but seems may be an overall fall-out from the Maintenance this morning, which hopefully the tech guys will be looking into across the boards.

So, don't worry if some of the images are not appearing for you (you will just see the descriptive text for now in some areas where images usually appear).
Hopefully, Forumotion will have it sorted soon with their usual efficiency. thumb

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