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What is your destiny?


What is your destiny?

Post by Candlelight.kk on 18th August 2018, 11:27

"The significant business of your life is alive and well, awaiting discovery, within your very soul. You and I were born to come into ourselves as complete and distinctive persons. Accepting this, we build a valuable life."
-- Marsha Sinetar

What is the significant business of your life? What is your purpose? Andrew Schneider says that purpose "is more than just having a direction. It is about one's place in the universe. It is the journey of finding that place and being there and living fully whatever that place is. It is your own unique place that nobody else has, had, or will have."

How would you describe your place in the universe?

"We become powerful in the face of our fears when we have a sense that we make a difference in this world. Affirmations of purpose communicate the truth that we are all meaningful participants in this Universe and that we are worthy of giving and receiving love. Some affirmations of purpose are:

- I know that I count and I act as though I do.
- I spread warmth and love everywhere I go.
- I am a healing force in the Universe."
-- Susan Jeffers

"The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for."
-- Joseph Addison

~ Today is the Tomorrow you worried about Yesterday ~
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Re: What is your destiny?

Post by Misty on 19th August 2018, 11:32

"You and I were born to come into ourselves as complete and distinctive persons.
  question  scratch head  shrug  So what exactly does that mean? huh 

Accepting this, we build a valuable life."

If I understood it I might have a start to accepting it! As it is, I have no idea what this Marsha Sinetar is talking about!

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