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LEXSCIEN (Library of Exploratory Science)


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book LEXSCIEN (Library of Exploratory Science)

Post by Candlelight.kk on 12th August 2018, 12:19

LEXSCIEN is an online library of the most important journals, books and magazines publishing serious research into anomalies and controversies in science and the humanities. Currently contains various journals and magazines, with more in preparation that will be ready soon (see list).


Catalogues and abstract anthologies

1SPR Abstracts Catalogue, McLuhan, R., Weaver, Z.(Ed), 2003Society for Psychical Research
Peer-reviewed journals and research serials

1JSPR:Journal of the Society for Psychical ResearchSociety for Psychical Research
2PSPR:Proceedings of the Society for Psychical ResearchSociety for Psychical Research
3JP:Journal of ParapsychologyRhine Research Center
4RIP:Research in ParapsychologyParapsychological Association
5JSE:Journal of Scientific ExplorationSociety for Scientific Exploration
6EJP:European Journal of ParapsychologyEuropean Journal of Parapsychology
7RM:Revue Métapsychique (coming soon)Institut Métapsychique International
8EHE:Journal of Exceptional Human Experience (coming soon)Exceptional Human Experiences Network
9PAI:Parapsychology Abstracts International (coming soon)Exceptional Human Experiences Network
Magazines and other serials

1PR:Psi Researcher / Paranormal ReviewSociety for Psychical Research

Lexscien was created by the not-for-profit organisation C-FAR in order to help research organisations make their publications more easily accessible. C-FAR has developed a special technique that makes this cost effective, but the resulting library is a bit different to other libraries. Read about how it works here.

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