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Tune into the inner critic


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Tune into the inner critic Empty Tune into the inner critic

Post by Candlelight.kk on 22nd July 2018, 16:28

"A critic is a legless man who teaches running."
-- Channing Pollock

Are you aware of your inner critic? We all have this voice that tells us we are bad, stupid, clumsy, cowardly.... Although its intent is to help us succeed, the harsh self talk of our critic just serves to drain our energy and lower our morale and immune system.

To defuse the inner critic, we need to recognize when the critic is speaking. We need to know that this voice does not necessarily speak for who we really are. This is an old pattern that may no longer be serving us. We want to open to the possibility that the words are not likely true. We can ask ourselves, "Are these words helpful?"

"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent."
-- Eleanor Roosevelt

"Abilities wither under faultfinding, blossom with encouragement."
-- Donald A. Laird

"Never react emotionally to criticism. Analyze yourself to determine whether it is justified.
If it is, correct yourself. Otherwise, go on about your business."
-- Norman Vincent Peale

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