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Signs and Symbols From Your Loved Ones in Spirit


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Signs and Symbols From Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Post by Candlelight.kk on Sat 22 Apr 2017, 11:23

(originally posted on Fri, 13 Jun 2014, 11:59 am)

I came across this while looking for something else. The whole piece rings so true with me, I have borrowed it to share here with you.

Signs and Symbols From Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Your loved ones in spirit have continuous communications with you to guide and support the healing and wisdom your soul seeks in this lifetime, inspire you to know yourself from your higher consciousness, and encourage you to accept the eternal and divine love that is within your heart.

Many times people ask what signs or symbols their loved ones in the spiritual realm are using to get their attention and send them a message. The beautiful thing about spiritual communication is messages are presented according to your desires, passions, and beliefs because spirit speaks through your feelings within your heart. Feel the messages!

Signs are presented through your intuition ~ your connection to universal mind. Your intuition is the voice of spirit within you that awakens your to universal wisdom.

Your intuitive signs are both literal and symbolic. For example, you may have a specific association with a loved one to yellow roses (literal because this loved one gave you yellow roses) and you are shown the roses as buds, yet to be open (symbolic to you opening to your intuitive nature). Another example may be that you hear a song that a loved one enjoyed listening to (literal) and the words of the songs answer a concern you have for a current life situation (symbolic). Your loved ones in spirit are very creative and innovative in presenting messages to you carefully choosing signs close to your (and their) heart.

Spirit communication is deeply personal and your messages are associated specifically to you and your loved one. To get clarity and the deeper meaning to your messages it is important to recognize the personal associations that you can assign meaning to the messages based on your (or your loved one in spirit) own life experiences. You can assign meanings to the signs so that your loved one in spirit can use that sign over and over again. For example, my maternal grandma uses yellow butterflies as a sign to offer me hope in relationships, while my maternal great grandmother uses the smell of roses to communicate to me that I am loved. I have establishes a ‘spiritual vocabulary’, with my loved ones in spirit, to offer clear and specific signs to guide me through life. My loved ones in spirit know how to effectively and efficiently send me messages that I can recognize and feel.

How do you know that it is your loved ones in spirit are truly communicating with you and it is not just your mind speaking? You can feel and know it is your loved ones in spirit communicating to you within your heart, throat and/or solar plexus ~ the core of your being. The language of spirit is based on love, truth, peace and light. Your loved ones communicate messages of complete detachment from any specific outcomes and the wisdom of forgiveness. Many times your loved ones speak through others, so pay attention to all the conversations around you. Also, your loved ones in spirit can speak through your dreams or when you are meditating.

A quiet mind allows you to align with the spirit language of peace and tranquility. Nature often is a great place to harmonize with your loved ones in spirit as they speak quietly. It is important for you to focus and set the intention to feel, hear and see the gentle signs from spirit. Listen to inspirational music, meditate with a tranquil mind and take time each day to reflect on the beautiful messages gifted to you. Your loved ones in spirit are continuously communicating with you, the real question is are you listening?

The life of each soul is eternal and there are no barriers that can diminish the essence of the soul that illuminates love. Love is the highest vibration known to the soul. The more that you can align with the awareness that the essence of your soul is the radiant vibration of love, the more honestly you will know truth. You are one with Source, Creator, and God.

I encourage you to keep a journal of the communications you have with specific loved ones and create your very own vocabulary of sounds, songs, flavors, smells, colors, locations, gifts, movies or shows, dates, numbers, activities and hobbies just to name a some. Be open to receive the inspirational and enlightening wisdom of your loved ones in spirit.

Source: ... y-messages

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Re: Signs and Symbols From Your Loved Ones in Spirit

Post by angel on Sat 22 Apr 2017, 11:29

Thank you so much for sharing. I know this could bring comfort to many.

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