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DEXTER, George T.

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DEXTER, George T.

Post by Candlelight.kk on Thu 17 May 2018, 21:42

George T. Dexter (1819-1863) - American physician & pioneering psychical researcher.

Review of 'Spiritualism' - (Author: John W. Edmonds, Editor: George T. Dexter)
John W. Edmonds (1799–1874), a prominent New York judge, and George T. Dexter, a New York physician, met though their shared interest in the spirit world. They were both dabbling in the spiritualist movement – first with scepticism – and decided to join forces in their investigations of such phenomena as 'spirit-rappings'. Dexter eventually found himself 'fully developed as a writing medium', with his pen controlled by unseen forces. Their conclusions, published in 1853 in Spiritualism, which went into numerous editions and was followed in 1855 by a second volume, caused much controversy. Drawing from their observations, the work gives examples of the authors' purported interaction with the spirit world and their journey from doubt to belief. Volume 2 sees Dexter develop as a 'speaking medium' and includes transcriptions taken by Edmonds of what the spirits relayed through his co-author during the meetings of their circle of spiritualists.

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