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» To support or not
by Candlelight.kk 17th April 2018, 09:56

» Medium - Allison Dubois
by Candlelight.kk 17th April 2018, 09:39

» Arranging a funeral - A step-by-step guide
by Misty 15th April 2018, 09:26

» Charlie Kelly - Medium
by Misty 15th April 2018, 09:21

» Limited perspectives
by Candlelight.kk 13th April 2018, 12:23

» We experience what we believe
by Candlelight.kk 13th April 2018, 12:15

» In the dark with Gary Mannion (finally exposed as FRAUD)
by mac 12th April 2018, 19:38

» Celebrating the 170th Anniversary of Modern Spiritualism
by mac 12th April 2018, 19:37

» 5th Dimension: (Science Documentary) Exorcism, Ghosts, Telekinesis, NDE, Reincarnation, Telepathy
by Candlelight.kk 10th April 2018, 13:33

» The Science of Near-Death Experiences
by Candlelight.kk 10th April 2018, 12:22

» Open Week at the Arthur Findlay College, 2018
by Candlelight.kk 7th April 2018, 12:29

» Spiritualists’ World Congress 2018 - AFC
by Candlelight.kk 7th April 2018, 12:12

» Eben Alexander: A Neurosurgeon's Journey through the Afterlife
by Candlelight.kk 31st March 2018, 17:25

» Michael Prescott's Blog
by Misty 30th March 2018, 13:52

» Spiritual Forums
by Misty 30th March 2018, 12:57

» The Way to The Light
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 13:42

» Temples of Wisdom
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 13:36

» The Search for Life after Death
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 13:29

» The Otherside Press
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 13:25

» Survival Research Institute of Canada
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 13:21

» Robert Lanza, M.D. - Biocentrism
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 13:06

» Multidimensional Man
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 12:21

» Life in the World Unseen
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 12:06

» Life Beyond Death
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 12:01

» International Foundation for Survival Research
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:57

» Forever Family Foundation
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:55

» There IS Life After Death
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:52

» Epoch Times: Studies Explore Life After Death
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:47

» Compelling Evidence for the Afterlife
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:45

» AllNurses: Death Bed Visions
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:42

» Afterlife Forums
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:38

» Afterlife Research and Education Institute (AREI)
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:32

» Afterlife Knowledge
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:11

» Afterlife 101
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 11:02

» Afterlife: A Guided Tour of Heaven And Its Wonders
by Candlelight.kk 29th March 2018, 10:48

» Topics now listed alphabetically
by Candlelight.kk 28th March 2018, 20:29

» International Spiritualist Federation (ISF)
by Candlelight.kk 27th March 2018, 19:58

» Psychic News - April 2018 issue
by Candlelight.kk 27th March 2018, 17:51

» Gordon Smith
by Stardust 27th March 2018, 11:44

» Nature and natural history books
by Stardust 27th March 2018, 11:35

» It's that time again ...
by mac 24th March 2018, 22:59

» Planet Earth
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 11:35

» Wildlife
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 08:48

» Friends
by Stardust 21st March 2018, 08:14

» The Day I Died (BBC Documentary)
by Candlelight.kk 20th March 2018, 00:14

» First Spiritual Temple
by Misty 17th March 2018, 22:21

» Campaign for Philosophical Freedom
by Candlelight.kk 13th March 2018, 20:08

» Afterlife Research Centre (ARC)
by Candlelight.kk 13th March 2018, 19:58

» Association Trans Communication (ATC)
by Candlelight.kk 13th March 2018, 19:41

» Making a difference
by Candlelight.kk 12th March 2018, 12:26

» Pioneer Journal
by Candlelight.kk 10th March 2018, 18:08

» Science and the Scéance (BBC Documentary)
by Candlelight.kk 10th March 2018, 16:35

» Sally Morgan
by mac 9th March 2018, 21:29

» Growing ourselves
by Candlelight.kk 5th March 2018, 15:15

» Mediumship, Psychical Research & Leslie Flint 1998
by Candlelight.kk 2nd March 2018, 15:17

» Psychic News - March 2018 issue
by Candlelight.kk 27th February 2018, 17:23

» International Association for the Preservation of Spiritual and Occult Periodicals (IAPSOP)
by mac 26th February 2018, 23:14

» [solved] Yahoo Mail down - again!
by Misty 26th February 2018, 11:51

» The Case of ESP - (Original, Uncut 1983 BBC Film)
by Candlelight.kk 23rd February 2018, 19:57

» Psychic (Part 1 and 2)
by Candlelight.kk 20th February 2018, 15:56

» Harry Edwards And His Healing
by Candlelight.kk 19th February 2018, 20:16

» A reminder ....
by Candlelight.kk 19th February 2018, 14:02

» Feeling safe
by Candlelight.kk 14th February 2018, 13:52

» The Enfield Haunting
by Candlelight.kk 7th February 2018, 20:46

» Time to stop seeking?
by Candlelight.kk 6th February 2018, 23:04

» Security
by Candlelight.kk 6th February 2018, 12:55

» Psychic News
by evergreen 4th February 2018, 17:59

» [solved] Just to reassure ....
by Candlelight.kk 30th January 2018, 14:21

» What is Your Psychological Archetype? - Quiz
by Misty 29th January 2018, 12:51

» Opportunity
by Candlelight.kk 29th January 2018, 10:05

» Defending Joel Waller
by mac 26th January 2018, 13:58

» Psychic News - February 2018
by Candlelight.kk 25th January 2018, 15:39

» What is soul consciousness?
by Candlelight.kk 23rd January 2018, 10:14

» Kai Muegge
by mac 20th January 2018, 14:06

» What The Bleep Do We Know? - Down The Rabbit Hole
by Candlelight.kk 15th January 2018, 18:34

» Silver Birch
by mac 12th January 2018, 00:34

» Commitments to serve
by Candlelight.kk 10th January 2018, 11:29

» Merry Christmas!
by CandyJohn 5th January 2018, 05:39

by CandyJohn 5th January 2018, 05:38

» Transformation
by Candlelight.kk 4th January 2018, 20:57

» Warren Caylor
by Misty 3rd January 2018, 14:34

» Quote of the Day
by mac 31st December 2017, 18:40

» Psychic News - January 2018
by ariel 28th December 2017, 23:12

» Reality and the Extended Mind (Documentary)
by Candlelight.kk 28th December 2017, 10:27

» Hi to all
by Candlelight.kk 27th December 2017, 14:23

» Hello !
by Candlelight.kk 27th December 2017, 14:19

» Who is Waller Joel?
by Candlelight.kk 27th December 2017, 13:17

» Hello
by CandyJohn 27th December 2017, 04:38

» Remember...
by Candlelight.kk 26th December 2017, 16:05

» How does Mediumship work?
by Candlelight.kk 23rd December 2017, 20:01

» Grimms' Fairy Tales
by mac 22nd December 2017, 14:19

» Are you ready to re-align with the changing seasons?
by Candlelight.kk 21st December 2017, 12:45

» hi all
by CandyJohn 21st December 2017, 05:56

» Hello Everyone
by CandyJohn 21st December 2017, 05:54

» CandyJohn is here?
by CandyJohn 21st December 2017, 05:52

» illusion?
by Candlelight.kk 21st December 2017, 02:01

» Renesme is here
by Misty 18th December 2017, 13:07

» Tony Stockwell
by Misty 18th December 2017, 12:45

» Water wisdom
by Candlelight.kk 17th December 2017, 11:46

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No new posts    Dr Penny Sartori 

Dr Penny Sartori has worked as a nurse for the past 21 years, 17 of those being in Intensive Care. In 2005 she was awarded a PhD for her extensive research into near-death experiences.

1Candlelight.kk37avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 16:55
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   90 minutes in heaven - a true story of death and life 

After colliding with a semi-truck, Don Piper died and went to heaven. Ninety minutes later he returned to life on earth. After years of silence, he is now sharing his life-changing story.

2Candlelight.kk44avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 00:29
by Stardust
No new posts   A collection of Near-Death Experiences 1Candlelight.kk36View latest post on 1st May 2017, 00:23
by xodus
No new posts   After-Death Communication 1Candlelight.kk47avatarView latest post on 30th April 2017, 23:45
by lar-lar
No new posts   AllNurses: Death Bed Visions 

A multiple page forum post. Medical staff discuss their experiences with dying patients who appear to see the deceased or Angels, and share their personal beliefs.

0Candlelight.kk13avatarView latest post on 29th March 2018, 11:42
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Anita Moorjani's Near Death Experience while dying of cancer 

Afterlife TV interview with Anita Moorjani (author of 'Dying To Be Me')

4Candlelight.kk47View latest post on 1st May 2017, 21:13
by mac
No new posts   Beyond and Back (documentary) 0Candlelight.kk35avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:53
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Cardiac Surgeon, Dr Lloyd Rudy tells of 2 NDE patients 0Candlelight.kk35avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 16:57
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Clinically dead boy says he saw great grandmother in heaven 1Candlelight.kk32avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 00:06
by Stardust
No new posts   Compelling Evidence for the Afterlife 

A blog also featuring articles and interviews, along with videos and suggested reading.

0Candlelight.kk17avatarView latest post on 29th March 2018, 11:45
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Dannion Brinkley: 'Saved By The Light' 2Candlelight.kk33avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 20:42
by Chance
No new posts   Epoch Times: Studies Explore Life After Death 

An article touching on near death experiences, death bed visions, out of body experiences and lucidity in dementia patients immediately before death as a clue pointing towards the possibility of survival after bodily death.

0Candlelight.kk16avatarView latest post on 29th March 2018, 11:47
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   In Search of Life After Life (Near Death Experiences) [documentary] 

The stories of people who claim they have had after-life experiences and say they no longer fear death.

0Candlelight.kk48avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 23:47
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   International Association for Near-Death Studies (IANDS) 0Candlelight.kk37avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:56
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Interview with neuropsychologist, Dr Peter Fenwick 3Candlelight.kk70avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 23:42
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Is There Life After Death? - Interview with Dr Jeffrey Long 12Candlelight.kk82avatarView latest post on 12th May 2017, 06:11
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Is There Life After Death? - Interview with Dr Jeffrey Long 13Candlelight.kk13View latest post on 1st January 1970, 01:00
No new posts   Life After Life │ Death Experiences (Full Documentary) 

Raymond Moody investigates case studies of people who experienced clinical death and were subsequently revived.

7Candlelight.kk55View latest post on 1st May 2017, 17:12
by mac
No new posts   Miracles on earth 0Candlelight.kk29avatarView latest post on 30th April 2017, 23:36
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Near death experience - white light 0Candlelight.kk84avatarView latest post on 12th May 2017, 06:20
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Near death experience - white light 1Candlelight.kk1View latest post on 1st January 1970, 01:00
No new posts   Near death experience - woman sees the other side 3Candlelight.kk42avatarView latest post on 30th April 2017, 23:54
by Feather
No new posts   Near-Death Experiences and the Afterlife 0Candlelight.kk32avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:41
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Near-Death-Experience not just a dying brain 0Candlelight.kk29avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 16:59
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Nurse shares 30 yrs spiritual experience with dying patients 0Candlelight.kk29avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 20:46
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   P.M.H. Atwater examines real-life NDE stories (2015) 2Candlelight.kk48avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 20:35
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Pim van Lommel 'Consciousness and The Near Death Experience' 2Candlelight.kk48avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 17:29
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Proof of Heaven ~ Dr. Eben Alexander 4Candlelight.kk49View latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:38
by mac
No new posts   Reinee Pasarow 

Near-Death Experience

0Misty40avatarView latest post on 30th April 2017, 23:58
by Misty
No new posts   Resuscitation Experts on Near Death Experiences 0Candlelight.kk30avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 16:52
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Science Documentary - 5TH Dimension Near Death Experience 1Candlelight.kk1View latest post on 1st January 1970, 01:00
No new posts   Spiritual Reality: Near Death Experiences (Documentary) 1Candlelight.kk33View latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:18
by mac
No new posts   Sun of Souls~Souls of Sun; One Spirit~One Life 4Christopher50View latest post on 1st May 2017, 00:16
by Christopher
No new posts   The Day I Died (BBC Documentary) 

Exploring near death experiences & people who have had them. Including interviews with top scientists that have studied the NDE phenomenon

2Candlelight.kk52avatarView latest post on 20th March 2018, 00:14
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   The Day I Died - (BBC documentary) 1Candlelight.kk50avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:10
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   The Science of Near-Death Experiences 

Empirically investigating brushes with the afterlife

0Candlelight.kk18avatarView latest post on 10th April 2018, 12:22
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   The Self Does Not Die 1Candlelight.kk39avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 21:57
by Stardust
No new posts   There IS Life After Death 

article about scientists' findings after studying thousands of patients during cardiac arrest. It was found that consciousness continues despite no brain or heart activity.

0Candlelight.kk20avatarView latest post on 29th March 2018, 11:52
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Victoria Mary Clarke - Meeting with my angels 0Candlelight.kk34avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 00:03
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   What happens when we die? 0Candlelight.kk38avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 16:46
by Candlelight.kk
No new posts   Where we go after death? (Documentary) 0Candlelight.kk39avatarView latest post on 1st May 2017, 22:12
by Candlelight.kk
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